How many national parks and nature parks have you visited so far in Croatia?

Croatia has 8 national parks, 11 nature parks and a large number of natural reserves. The vast majority of us visited at least one part of this invaluable natural wealth.

However, the question arises as to how truly you have experienced these protected natural oases?

Not just as a regular visitor, but looking at awakening or calming nature with a sunset or sunset? How deeply did you feel the tastes, smells and sounds of nature in spring, summer, autumn or winter? What kind of activities did you engage in nature parks and national parks?

It is usually the answer and justification to live very fast, that life simply passes by us, and that for all these beautiful and desirable experiences we have not enough money or time or ...

CAMPING near PARKS in CROATIA is a project that combines national parks and nature parks with activities and affordable accommodation on camping pitches or in mobile homes close to untouched nature in parks.

MAP OF NATURAL BEAUTIES OF CROATIA, as well as all the relevant information about parks and campgrounds near the parks, can be found at and in the relevant brochure.

Truly experience nature. Be active at any time of the year. Feel the tastes, smells, sounds and changes in nature. Sleep hugging with nature and awake  nature in yourself!