House rules

Dear guests,
Welcome to our camp and we wish you a pleasant stay!
Please read the following information and stick to the same for each other's satisfaction.

- When checking-in into camp every guest is obligated to come to the reception and submit their documents.

- Check-in and check-out is every day from 07am-21pm

- The guest can choose the campsite or parcel independently, but with the prior consent of the receptionist. The number you received when signing up is required to be put in a visible place.

- When leaving the camp you are required to leave until 12o’clock, any further stay is charged as an extra day.

- The speed of driving in the camp is limited to 10km / h. Pedestrians take precedence over traffic vehicles.

- The hours of rest and total quiet in the camp are from 14pm-17pm and from 23pm-07am.

- Take care of the cleanliness of the space you are using. Collect garbage in plastic bags and put them in the container. For wastewater from a camper use a chemical toilet.

- Sanitary facilities should be left in the original condition after use, as well as the campsite or parcel after departure.

- Car washing is only allowed at particular place for that.

- Outdoor fire is strictly forbidden.

- Small children can use sanitary facilities only when accompanied by adults for their own safety.

- Dogs are allowed in the camp but with proper care of them. The owners are obligated to lead the dogs on the leash. Access to sanitary facilities for dogs is forbidden.

- If you find left / forgotten items, please hand them to the reception.

- Visits are allowed only in case of regular registration at reception. For a shorter stay at the campsite, visitors are required to leave a valid personal document at the entrance that we return when leaving the camp. In case of staying in the camp for longer than 2 hours you will be charged at the entrance.

- The management of the camp is not responsible for any damages, theft or accident.

- Complaints book is on the reception.