Nous sommes fiers que le camp Vransko lake - Crkvine soit devenu membre du groupe ECOCAMPING!

In a world where the pace of life is getting faster and time is getting shorter, few are lucky enough to spend their days in the greenery of untouched nature, with the serene rocking of the lake. In nature, which today too often suffers under the burden of human activity, we want something different: our goal is to enable other people to experience the smell and taste of this place, but taking care to intervene as little as possible in the already perfect natural order.

It is time to show that we can be different and to be a role model to the younger generations. Guided by this vision, we have become part of the ECOCAMPING family and strive to justify the task given to us by membership in this group. Therefore, we are already working on a project to build a recycling island, which we want to make recycling interesting for children and adults. Also, because of the many birds that live here, and for which artificial lighting is harmful, we turned off part of the lights in the camp. In the camp Vransko lake - Crkvine we support local food producers, we use water and paper carefully, in one part of the camp we get hot water through solar panels, and we encourage our guests to use mild forms of mobility and physical activity. So we offer bicycles, kayaks, boats, surf boards and a training corner. Also, right next to our camp, within the Vrana lake Nature Park, there is a charging station for electric cars. Another goal we are working on is to replace plastic products with natural ones and we hope that in a couple of years we will succeed completely. In addition, we cultivate our own garden in which we grow vegetables in an ecological way, and our campsite is home to many indigenous, Dalmatian plant species. So we have pine trees, almonds, spruce, thorns, figs, oak, oleander, lavender, immortelle, rosemary and many other species. Here you can see a variety of wild plants that attract many insects, thus ensuring their survival. Since our camp is attractive to many plant and animal species, we were not surprised when a wild rabbit came to visit us, and this summer we were delighted by a beautiful pelican.

Since the camp Vransko lake - Crkvine is located in a nature park, we are not legally allowed to build additional facilities, and while for many this law would be a problem, we are happy. That is why we want to stand out among many other places that, unfortunately, not pretending to be for the environment, but only for profit, have fallen into the trap of mass construction, and the negative results of such an approach are already showing. We are on our way: our goal is not quantity, but quality, we do not think only for today, but for the long term, and our guiding thought and encouragement is gratitude that we are lucky to be able to stay on such a special piece of our planet.