In Camp Vrana Lake we want to contribute to the preservation of the natural wildlife.

Camp Vrana Lake is located in the heart of Dalmatia, on the Adriatic coast, next to the Vrana Lake Nature Park and Ornithological Reserve. This is the habitat of a large number of protected birds and other animals. In Camp Vrana Lake we want to contribute to the preservation of the natural wildlife. Vrana Lake Nature Park is one of the last wetlands of the Eastern Mediterranean and has a priceless importance and biological value. In 2013 it was included in the Ramsar list of globally important wetland habitats. The ornithological reserve was declared in 1983 and is one of the most valuable ornithological areas in Croatia.

We take care of the nature

Due to the value of the park, we pay special attention to ecology in our campsite. We have reduced light pollution, which particularly bothers birds, and we encourage guests to be careful with waste and not disturb the birds. If you want a real family vacation and to get to know a wonderful variety of birds, then camping in our camp is the right choice for you. You will wake up in a peaceful camping village to the sounds of nature, birdsong and forests of reeds and sedges in the immediate vicinity of the camp.

Vrana Lake the biggest lake in Croatia

Lake Vrana is the largest lake in Croatia, with an area of 30.2 km2. Our camp is located is the northwestern part of the lake. It is interesting that this lake is located -4 meters below sea level. Fresh and salt water mix in the lake because the sea enters through underground culverts and the Prosika canal in the south. The lake is ideal for the life of numerous animal and plant species that like this type of water. Due to the constant water circulation, the water in the lake is clean and ideal for swimming. In our camp, we have a beautiful beach that you will definitely enjoy. If you get tired of swimming, sunbathing and having fun at the lake, you can always go for a walk along the educational trails of the Nature Park Vrana lake.

Home of thousands of birds

Since we are so close to the nature park, we advise you to visit it and experience this untouched nature. In the Vrana Lake Nature Park, there are several kilometers of educational trails where you can walk and enjoy nature and beautiful birds. The entrance to the nature park and Ornithological Reserve is only a few meters away from our campsite. 102 species of birds live in the reserve, and sometimes up to 100,000 birds can be seen enjoying this lake. Take a walk through the rich reeds that are the habitat and nesting place of a large number of birds. Here the water is shallow, and the reeds are very thick, and walking would be almost impossible. Fortunately, thanks to the wide paths, you can walk through almost wild nature.

Take a trip to the past

In addition to the rich flora, the Vrana Lake Nature Park also has a rich past. Namely, this part of Dalmatia, due to its location and water, was fertile ground, and was always attractive to people. Numerous archaeological remains bear witness to the rich life that was led in this part of Dalmatia. Thus, the remains of several Roman agricultural estates were found. There are also the remains of the former Roman aqueduct, which is one of the longest aqueducts in Dalmatia. It was 42 kilometers long and it was used to bring water from Lake Vrana to the center of Zadar. The fertile land attracted people from all parts of the world. Lake Vrana was also the scene of numerous wars and culture changes - Romans, Slavs, Venetians, Turks, French, Austrians and they all left their mark.


One of the most interesting is definitely Maškovića Han. This is the westernmost monument of the Ottoman Empire, which is located very close to our camp, near the village of Vrana. In our camp, you can also rent bicycles and go on a pleasant ride to the village of Vrana, where the Maškovića Han is located, as well as the former fortress of Vrana, which is known under the name Gradina. This medieval fortress had a strategic importance and was occupied by Benedictines, Templars, Ivano-Frankish knights, Venetians and finally Turks. Vranska Gradina was a place visited by Croatian kings, and it housed a well-guarded treasury in which the insignia of Croatian kings were kept, including two golden crowns.

Many educational trails

While staying in our camp, in addition to enjoying the beach and numerous facilities, be sure to plan a visit to the numerous educational trails around the lake. The Vrana Lake Birds educational trail is the closest trail to our camp and is only a few minutes' walk from the camp. An instructive wooden path will lead you through tall reeds that are the nesting grounds of many birds. There are several viewpoints on the trail where you can stop and enjoy the view, as well as numerous educational boards where you will find interesting information about the natural world of Lake Vrana.

In the village of Vrana, an interesting educational trail of the Birds of Prey begins, which is located on the part of the bicycle path. In our camp, rent bicycles and start a small journey into the past.

Kamenjak viewpoint will take your breath away


Lake Vrana has numerous educational trails, but one of the most beautiful is certainly the Educational trail to the Kamenjak viewpoint. The road leading to it from our camp is a bit longer, so you will need a car. This trail begins at the Kamenjak lookout point, which offers a breathtaking view of the lake, coast and islands in the distance. Take a walk along the stone paths and learn more about the formation of the lake, the history and culture of this area.

The Kamenjak viewpoint is the starting point for the Educational Botanical Trail that leads through the Mernjača canyon to the Bašinka pier and through the Orlja canyon back to Kamenjak. If you choose this walk through the wild Mediterranean nature, you will enjoy the scents of wild sage and medicinal immortelle.

On the southern side of the lake, not far from the Prosika canal, there are two educational trails where you will learn about the fish of Lake Vrana and the Prosika canal. Find out which fish live in Lake Vrana and which enter the lake through the canals. The Modrave - Prosika canal educational trail will take you on a journey into the past and you will learn how and why this canal was dug.

A vacation in our camp will bring you unforgettable moments that will be enjoyed by all family members. In the camp, we have prepared a large number of spacious plots so that you will have privacy. If you like luxury, choose one of the mobile homes that will provide you with comfort as if you were in an apartment, but with all the advantages that camping brings. All family members are welcome in our camp, so we have a lot of content for children who will be entertained. When booking a vacation, you don't need to worry about where you will take your dog, because they are also welcome at our camp.